Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Family Story

Mike and I met in 1990. We were married in 1994 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. For our honeymoon we went to Jamaica and had a fabulous time.

Through our courtship we had discussed doing foster care but wanted to try to have a child of our own first.

In Sept. 1995 we found out we were expecting our first child...we were becoming a family. Brooke was born in May 1996 after a wonderful uneventful pregnancy. She was the perfect little cherub. The nurses in the hospital nicknamed her "peaches" and that has stuck to this day.

When Brooke was four years old we began to discuss foster care again. We began our journey in late 2000 and received our foster care license in May 2001. We received our first foster kids just a few days after receiving our license...Brooke was 5.

After many foster placements (and heartbreaks), in July 2004 Lexy was placed into our home at 4 months old. She was such a precious baby, we all loved her from day one...we knew she was the one that was meant to be a part of our family forever. Brooke even said "I've been asking God for a baby sister and Lexy is the one he sent to me". After a long journey, Lexy (Pineapple)officially became a legal part of our family in August 2007 through adoption.

Will this story end here or will there be more to come????


Jill Decker said...

i just found your blog and i love it!!! I would love to do foster care/adoption at some point and i think it's very inspiring to read about others stories. Keep up the good work, you're wonderful!!!

Kat said...

I hopped on over here from the Blog Hop and love that you shared how your beautiful family has come about. We've just been learning about foster/adopt from friends going through the journey :). We have seven (four through international adoption, where God led us :)). Thank you for sharing about your wonderful family!